Onion Chia Flatbread, 4pcs (3.2oz), gluten-free/raw/vegan
Chalk Hill Cookery

Onion Chia Flatbread, 4pcs (3.2oz), gluten-free/raw/vegan

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Gluten-Free, Vegan and Raw our onion chia flatbread consists of only 5 ingredients: 

organic onions, organic raw sunflower seeds, organic raw chia seeds, organic olive oil and organic gluten-free tamari.

We slice the onion thinly and marinate with the olive oil and tamari before mixing with the remaining ingredients.  It is spread onto dehydrator trays and gently dried for 24-30 hours, until the desired texture is achieved.

Use for sandwiches, dips, nut cheeses, and more.  It is a versatile product that goes a long way.  It is packed with nutrients and delcious too.

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